Agile . . . Ceremonies


After the Agile Ceremony there will be sheet cake and Diet Coke!
And . . . your macaroni art is due Tuesday.


Yes ceremony.  I really hate it when that term is used, it implies that an agile meeting is of a level of importance equal to the big things in life.  NO IT IS NOT.  This is just code.

This definition is from Atlassian:

Meetings, or “ceremonies” are an important part of agile development. But they are one of many important elements, and shouldn’t be conducted in a vacuum. (It’s tempting to add some ceremonies to a waterfall project and call it “agile”, but this will get you nowhere.)

Let’s take a look at each of the agile ceremonies, and understand how they empower the team and drive agile development.

Note: A number of these ceremonies come from the practice of scrum which is an iterative, time-boxed approach to implementing agile. The concepts behind these ceremonies can be applied to other forms of agile like kanban or lean. “Sprint” is a scrum-specific term. Other forms of agile use the more generic term “iteration” to indicate a time-boxed period of development.

That’s one definition.

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