Coaxial Surge Protector preventing High Speed Wi-Fi

So recently we called up our service provider to check in about cable/internet service.  They notified us that we could get a new modem because they had upgraded their speeds.

The modem arrived and had good installation instructions including going to a site to activate it.  All seemed OK, took 1/2 an hour.  Testing off the cell phones (I didn’t initially test on any machines) speeds seemed about the same as before.  And started to get the impression something was not right.

Next morning I wake up to log into work on my machine and the internet is way slow.  I decide to run a speed check:

Not so great at all.

Calling up the provider’s help desk, we start to walk through a debug — which involves switching ether net cables directly to a machine and running the test.  Still slow.  I get disconnected from them (of course) but continue on with an idea.

I had hooked my incoming cable to a surge protector — it worked fine with the previous modem.  But removing the coaxial surge protector from the chain was the solution — speeds were fixed.

I try on a few test sites:

Also — researching — this site discusses that surge protectors can be an issue.  I was surprised I had never came across the issue before as this answer was quite old:

Re: What about cable surge protectors?

You can’t use them for TV or HSI, they will mess with the digital signals, it is a proven fact.

I also believe, that I do not want my coax so close to the AC wiring, that it will jump from one line to another because they are so close inside those devices.

The coax must be grounded at the entry to the buiding, and grounds the shield on the coax.  That is part of the National Electrical code.

Running ethernet through those AC surge proector strip’s is the same deal, it will slow down your network, again, that is a proven fact.  There has been posters on this forum complaining on slow speeds and once their coax and/or ethernet was removed from those strips, they have gotten their speeds back.

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