Configuring IntelliJ 14 On OSX 10.9 To Run With Java 7

I just did an install of IntelliJ 14 on my development Mac running OSX 10.9 (Mavericks). When I started the IDE it erred “you need to install Java SE 6.” That was hard to believe.  I had 7 installed.  IntelliJ is reporting the version it needs to run itself, even though the applications you are […]

Test Coverage for a Void Method

I ran across some state code that had plugs in it that were operations an action listener would look for.  The code methods didn’t have anything in them, but needed to be there.  I wanted some simple unit testing coverage on them.  Here’s a small technique to cover a void method that doesn’t do too much. Here’s […]

JOptionPane Popping Up During Unit Tests

This story is the story of good old fashioned decoupling, and an example of Java’s Bridge and Adapter patterns. My client has had a piece of code that for years, yes years, was popping up a java Swing JOptionPane message dialog during unit tests runs in Eclipse (via a Maven plugin) and Eclipse’s JUnit runner. […]

IntelliJ EAP 14 and that darn Mac thing again

I use a commercial version of IntelliJ when I am not using Eclipse (who’s newer Luna release is very, very good).  But doing Grails, I need that version of IntelliJ since community doesn’t cut it or I get relegated to the command line.  I still use my 11 version, as 12 was too glitchy and […]

Spring MVC Truncating Path Variable IP Address

Ran into an interesting Spring MVC convulsion.  If you use a path variable with a “.” in it, then the variable is truncated before it gets into your code via your controller. For instance, say you make a request like: /myapp/machine/ And your spring controller handles it with this: @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET, value = “/path/{ipAddress}”) […]