Hello all.  My name is Bil and I am a 10,000 foot developer.  I live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

I have been coding for years in many different capacities in many different places; as an independent consultant, employee, or whatever has come my way.

Here I am writing about business insights, technology, and life on a team.

Core competencies of mine include java, dynamic languages like Groovy, databases, CMS and EDM systems, services, and of course UI because in the old days we were all full stack developers.  In addition I’m pretty handy with servers.

So thanks for coming to this site I hope I have been of some help or humor.

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I have written code at these Fortune 500 companies (with 2013 ranking) .

14 McKesson

17 UnitedHealth Group

23 Kroger (as a teacher/mentor)

61 Best Buy

83 Delta Air Lines (via Northwest Airlines)

86 Supervalu

101 3M

172 Medtronic

266  Xcel Energy

357  Boston Scientific (via Guidant Corporation)

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