Case Sensitivity, Windows, Linux and Git

This is a strange one . . . Most of our development for a services project is done on Windows. Java, Spring, Hibernate, Drools, JAX-WS. I was integrating some more service calls and refactored the names of a few classes from (something like): to Sounds pretty simple, right? Checked it into […]

Making Asynchronous Release Schedules Easy On Your Development Process

Once upon a nightmare a project manager said to me: “I would never let developers work on trunk.” Serious?  It turned out the organization had *redefined* from industry standards the definition of “trunk” — to them it meant “production release.”  Ummmm.  Ok. I explained why the concept of trunk is that it is the most […]

TechPM Stacks On The Developer Scale

I think I’ve finally found the nicest balance of smaller scale support servers since XPlanner.   It’s taken almost 10 years. XPlanner was the old php-based X-treme project manament web tool used almost exclusively by developers (IMHExperience). It had sprints in it, and even pair tracking. You might think management has taken over all the […]

Gitblit Duplicate Repo Bug

Logging this because it was kind of difficult to track down. We have a Gitblit instance running for our developer repository on a Fedora machine. It really is a wonderful tool; up and going practically out of the box. But one of the problems we have been having is that duplicate names for the same […]