Configuring IntelliJ 14 On OSX 10.9 To Run With Java 7

I just did an install of IntelliJ 14 on my development Mac running OSX 10.9 (Mavericks). When I started the IDE it erred “you need to install Java SE 6.” That was hard to believe.  I had 7 installed.  IntelliJ is reporting the version it needs to run itself, even though the applications you are […]

IntelliJ EAP 14 and that darn Mac thing again

I use a commercial version of IntelliJ when I am not using Eclipse (who’s newer Luna release is very, very good).  But doing Grails, I need that version of IntelliJ since community doesn’t cut it or I get relegated to the command line.  I still use my 11 version, as 12 was too glitchy and […]