Meetings and Studies and Bizzies

I haven’t been at this in a while although I have a backlog of things to write about that I have been accumulating from my readings and talks with other devs associates over the last few years.  Unfortunately some of it is timely technical material and the relevancy has probably fallen by the wayside. One […]

Hard Work

”The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” – Mark Twain. I was reading through some Code Newbie tweets and was quite impressed with the enthusiasm of potential developers who had little, if any, work experience.  Well I’ve got some news for them. Know that stress you are having at finding your first […]

Meetings Greetings – ECTech Future

Last I was here I was chugging through some examples in my Eatup on a few different JVM related languages.  Went well. So after that I dropped the ECTech Meetup subscription, it was not fruitful and the tech scene had gotten taken over in my area by non-Java lovers doing things that don’t pertain to […]

Ant, IntelliJ, and Eclipse

And it’s way in the future and here we are again arguing about which IDE is better: IntelliJ or Eclipse.  It never goes away.  And NetBeans is still the choice of newbs, and gets cast aside for enterprise work.  Personally I never look at it so it’s not in this discussion.  We are talking PRACTICE. […]

Git Tags Local And Remote: Be. Careful.

If you are a daily developer like me, but not a release manager, getting called on to do release activities can be a frustrating thing.  One of those things can be believing your tool’s view. Be careful – if you’ve updated your git tags – local SourceTree will show git tags at a spot that […]

Tooling for localstorage

Localstorage is a newer way to store data locally in a browser, kind of like a cookie.  It is supposed to have a much easier interface than cookies and can do JSON.  Another developer I know was using this and she was using localstorage to track local data  for some dynamic web interactions.  Nothing will […]

Disk Solutions 2016

My brother is a teacher and he sent me a text and a pic of a broken 500gb external drive he uses for simple backups.  He was asking the questions a lot of us are asking these days: how to store all of our data, short term/accessible and long term. When I think about the […]

The Modern Agile Manifesto

Changing Memory for IntelliJ On OSX

I noticed my package scans were really slow in IntelliJ when starting/stopping my J2EE engines.  Real slow.  So I upped the memory and it helped a great deal. This was done for IntelliJ 15 Community Edition on OSX El Capitan (10.11.3). First, close IntelliJ of course. Right click the application and choose “Show Package Contents.” Open […]

So . . . Your Git Repo Moved

Sometimes “they” move the location of your git repository.  Seems to be happening a lot in my last few years of coding. There are a few ways to deal with this moving, but it is important to remember that git is very, very good at a move situation since every commit is unique and it’s […]