IntelliJ EAP 14 and that darn Mac thing again

I use a commercial version of IntelliJ when I am not using Eclipse (who’s newer Luna release is very, very good).  But doing Grails, I need that version of IntelliJ since community doesn’t cut it or I get relegated to the command line.  I still use my 11 version, as 12 was too glitchy and now that 14 is getting ready to come out soon, don’t need 13.

Digging through the comments on IntelliJ EAP 14, I ran across this comment:

Right.  We *always* talk about this, how difficult it is to work with Java and Macs.   Sad shame.  Java 6?  Wow.  This has oft been the poison pill for me and Apple computers. Now I am using Java 7 for this early developer release 14, but a classic problem with Java and Mac is to be locked into a Java version.  Makes it very difficult to work on several different projects on the same machine, let alone new technology.

Anyway, I will be testing this new release and purchasing the upgrade when the time times.  You can test it too, here.

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