A developer communication ethic.

Scrum Creep

Nooooo I’m not talking about that QA member who hogs up the standup meetings.  I’m talking process.

Agile . . . Ceremonies

Ceremony? Yes ceremony.  I really hate it when that term is used, it implies that an agile meeting is of a level of importance equal to the big things in life.  NO IT IS NOT.  This is just code. This definition is from Atlassian: Meetings, or “ceremonies” are an important part of agile development. But they […]

Playing The Planning Poker King

“KEATING:  . . . Now, we all have a great need for acceptance. But you must trust that your beliefs are unique, your own, even though others may think them odd or unpopular, even though the herd may go, “That’s baaaaad.” Robert Frost said, “Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one […]

Hero Time!

When I start to look at the cost of leaving quality to the wayside I’m reminded of an experience I had with a coder, Big Hero. Now back when I was a *high school athlete* in American football our coach coined a term: dummy hero.  Football has a practice fixture called a scout team — […]

Give Me That Old Time Tech Policy

Do you like beer? I do. How do you like the amount of selection on the market now? It’s awesome isn’t it? It wasn’t always like this because the screws were tightened down on small and home brewers for years and years. Small timers, in my opinion, simply weren’t trusted with making beer; and in […]

Agile Process Templates? LOL

I found this entry in a Rational Process server . . . a team that has a process template and daily meeting notes for SCRUM. Is there any other needed proof that Agile has went off the deepend?

A Trite Exchange About Agile This Fine May

I just  had a great discussion about Agile with one of my technical buddies.  It seams this is popping up everywhere: Agile has become a management club.  And by club I mean both an organization and a tool with which to bludgeon.  These are some of the ideas that came out of our rather trite […]

Agile Veerings: Balance vs. Craftsman

When I had first started hearing about Agile practices, although they weren’t named that (usually XP) over 10 years ago there were some things that were scary, and some things that were cool.  Pairing seemed scary and I wondered how long it would be until misapplication of that occurred.  But the planning for a reasonable […]

TDD: Design for the Conditions

I am not a proponent of TDD, but I will admit it has its place.  And sometimes that place is not to use it, if the ultimate outcome will be of less value to the purpose of your software. Some reasons not to use TDD if the conditions warrant are: More code is higher risk […]