Hero Time!


I’m Comin’, Maw! I’ll save yer application!

When I start to look at the cost of leaving quality to the wayside I’m reminded of an experience I had with a coder, Big Hero.

Now back when I was a *high school athlete* in American football our coach coined a term: dummy hero.  Football has a practice fixture called a scout team — the group that practices against the starters to help the starters get ready for a game.   A dummy hero is on the scout team, and pretends they do not know the play that is being practiced, but as everyone they actually do; everyone does because its repetitious practice.  But instead of playing it straight,  the dummy hero would make a heroic effort and come up with an interception or run a touchdown even though the point of the exercise was to have the starters practice.  They interfered with practice to make themselves look good.

Big Hero types are dummy heroes.  In their case they break things and fix them in the nick of time.  They could pay attention to quality, but do not; writing off deliberate, methodology for the thrill of late night release parties.  And chances to be a hero.

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