Scrum Creep

Nooooo I’m not talking about that QA member who hogs up the standup meetings.  I’m talking process.

Two Year Anniversary for Code I Never Use

This hearkens to those Joel Spolsky code-tests — Tower of Annoy, Code Rolfing, etc.  And I was looking back in my posted articles and realized I had just passed a two-year anniversary for one of the strangest interviews I had ever done in my life which also involved a test on code I have never used before […]

Hero Time!

When I start to look at the cost of leaving quality to the wayside I’m reminded of an experience I had with a coder, Big Hero. Now back when I was a *high school athlete* in American football our coach coined a term: dummy hero.  Football has a practice fixture called a scout team — […]

“QA Will Find Them” — Or The Story Of Cowboy Coders And Non-Collaboration

I was on a project with a very tough defect assigned to me.  The main class consisted of 1600 lines with zeee-ro unit tests, and a McAbe index of 67.  I had found numerical/scale/precision errors in some of the underlying classes and knew the source data had fields that were not necessarily being used for […]

Suuuuuuure It’s A Success — Because We Said So

Waiting on a delivery from UPS/Sears, I was notified via email that the delivery would be late because of a train or trailer delay. Not a problem for me.  Almost every place, except Amazon, is a maze of deciphering to figure out just when something will arrive. This status on the UPS site hearkens back […]

RIP Agile

Agile is Dead? About 15 years ago I was in a conversation to two women and one brought up her new “cool” shoes. The lady with the shoes said “Do you like these? I got them at Target and they are sooo cool.” We looked down at them — basic Nurse Ratchet shoes with a […]

The Downton Developers

In 2012 in St. Paul, Minnesota the Team One Club was founded for the exclusive developer of discerning taste. Membership includes nights out with Rocky Patel, Padrón, Doña Erô and Cohiba cigars and the finest of craft beer, scotch and rye whiskeys and of exceptional dining events.

Your Job And Your Beliefs

April 4, 2014 author’s note: A short time after I posted this a story broke on JavaScript inventor and Mozilla chief Brendan Eich related to this topic.  I have a comment at the finish of this article. It was some years ago when I worked on a project at a business that specialized in one […]

Workhorse Developers

A workhorse developer is someone who is an exemplary coworker and a dependable coder.   They are the ones who may not get into the design fray because they find it too stressing, they may not have the talent to design, or they may just look on their work as JAJ (just a just).  

Oh Those Interesting Developers

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal.  -Pablo Picasso I’m a developer and I can say, first hand, the most difficult thing for a developer to learn is to be open minded and questioning.  I know, a lot of companies are always looking for developers who will “push the envelope” or “think outside the box” but […]