Linux in Windows as a Developer Environment — It’s Docker’s Fault

I needed to set up my newer windows box for development (most of my time is on OSX at my gig). During a conference I went to a Docker presentation and was forced to bring in the windows machine for it’s awesome battery — and was the wrong thing to do.  Docker on windows sucks, […]

EC Tech JVM Language Series

There will be a set of hands-on sessions with JVM languages for EC Tech that I will be hosting for this coming season.  What happened was, I was looking up a new TV diet called the GOLO diet when I ran across the GOLO language.  After reading about it, I realized there was a lot of […]

Two Year Anniversary for Code I Never Use

This hearkens to those Joel Spolsky code-tests — Tower of Annoy, Code Rolfing, etc.  And I was looking back in my posted articles and realized I had just passed a two-year anniversary for one of the strangest interviews I had ever done in my life which also involved a test on code I have never used before […]

EC Tech Meetup March 1, 2016: Java Concurrency Intro – Layman’s Delight

Obtained a room in downtown Eau Claire over lunch to practice giving presentations (since I don’t do that much anymore) via a Laymen’s Java Concurrency Intro. At a very high level presented threads, concurrency, locks, synchronization and real world analogies to these mechanisms.

It’s in npm somewhere . . . it must be.

I’m sure many developers have been finding nodejs buried in pretty much everything these days, and that can mean dependency management with npm and package.json.  And more often than not I am finding version collisions and dependency needs unmet in non-trivial and time draining situations. Working on a large commerce engine, it fell to my […]

Large Grails Log File

I was looking at reorganizing my directories for several grails and java projects I am on, and had local branches from our git hub I didn’t want to lose so re-cloning wasn’t an option. Much to my surprise, when I got info on the entire repo directory it was almost 28 gigabytes. My first check […]

Those Brackets Really Matter in a Groovy Switch!

I’ve been working on a data detector plugin for Grails as a side project, and thought it important to mention the importance of including brackets {} for logic statements in groovy switches. Below I have a simple detector for a simple DataType enum that has STRING and DECIMAL (which in my real code is BigDecimal) […]

Setting the Server TimeZone in a Grails Application

If you want to start up your grails server in a different timezone (for instance to test your client as if it were not co-located in the same zone as the server) just add this to BootStrap.groovy: TimeZone.setDefault(TimeZone.getTimeZone(“PST”))

EJB vs. The World — Why Bother with EJB At All?

I’ve been slogging my way through some testing frameworks for EJB: The Grinder, Cactus and JMeter — trying to find that quick Soap UI style entry into testing EJB.  No such luck.  This will take some work. So, I decided to remind myself just why we ere doing EJB in this application.   I bolded the main points.  Maybe […]

Test Coverage for a Void Method

I ran across some state code that had plugs in it that were operations an action listener would look for.  The code methods didn’t have anything in them, but needed to be there.  I wanted some simple unit testing coverage on them.  Here’s a small technique to cover a void method that doesn’t do too much. Here’s […]